The Three Musketeers

season 2018

D’Artagnan, a young boy from Gascony, has arrived in Paris. His only wish is to become a musketeer to serve France. He has brought with him a letter of recommendation to present at their headquarters. A thief sees the opportunity and steals it from him, so d’Artagnan will have to prove he is worthy of joining the King’s Musketeers by his own actions. He meets Athos, Aramis and Porthos and by accident engages in a duel with them. The three musketeers learn to respect the bold young man who wants to be like them. But fate and the wrongdoings of Minister Richelieu, his henchman, Captain Rochefort and the intriguing Milady de Winter will divide them. The Queen has secretly received from King Louis, who is away at war, his ring bearing the Royal Seal, symbol of the monarch’s power. The one who has the seal will be able to pass decrees and laws and make them legal by stamping the Royal Seal on the documents. The Queen does not trust his minister and therefore asks her chambermaid, Constance, to hide it. She meets d„Artagnan and asks for his help. He will take the seal to a tavern and wait for Constance there. When Richelieu gets to know about the ring, he sends Lady de Winter to retrieve it using her charms. The King’s ring ends up in Richelieu’s finger. He will be the most powerful man in France and will dominate the King and Queen; but to do so he will have to destroy the Musketeers and d’Artagnan. Will he get his way?


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